Services for Authors

Are you an Author?

The MM Literary Agency offers Authors personalized consulting services. From the writing of the manuscript, to its evaluation and mediation, to the pre-publication and post-publication phase. Moreover, as of today The MM Literary Agency becomes a digital publishing house: discover how to publish your manuscript with us.

Services for Authors


  • Manuscript Reading and Evaluation
  • Authors representation at publishing houses
  • Editorial Consulting and Mentoring
  • Foreign Rights
  • Editorial contracts consultancy


  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Transcription of works
  • Ghostwriting
  • Graphic design of the cover


  • Book on demand
  • E-book
  • E-publishing


  • Promotion of works and authors
  • Creation of websites for authors
  • Presentation meetings
  • Reviews of works

Manuscripts Reading and Evaluation


Manuscript Reading and Evaluation: The MM Literary Agency receives and reads your unpublished manuscripts. The result of our analysis is a careful evaluation sheet to highlight editorial qualities, potential and possible improvements of your unpublished work, with a privileged look at the national publishing market and the genre of reference.

Authors Representation at Publishing Houses

The MM Literary Agency represents authors in national publishing houses.

With the service of Representing Authors to National Publishing Houses, The MM Literary Agency is looking for the perfect match for an unpublished Manuscript. The service consists of two phases:
1) the actual search for a Publisher
2) the placement of the unpublished Manuscript with a Publisher.

This service allows Authors to:

- Address a targeted selection of Publishing Houses to send the manuscript to: The MM Literary Agency carefully selects the Publishing Houses to which each manuscript should be sent, evaluating the best consonance of the represented work with the relevant editorial line of Publishers.

- The chances of your manuscript being read by a Publishing House are greatly increased:

  • This is due to the fact that The MM Literary Agency works continuously with Publishing Houses, in a relationship of trust, reliability and professionalism matured over time.
  • This is because The MM Literary Agency will have carried out an in-depth editing and a Proofreading Correction which is fundamental for the correctness, smoothness, fluidity and uniformity of the text, considerably shortening the reading times of the Publishing Houses.

Editorial Consulting and Mentoring

The MM Literary Agency offers Editorial Consulting and Mentoring services to follow the Authors throughout their creative process:

  • In the preliminary phase, with the choice of genre, plot and characters...
  • During the writing of the manuscript, while writing the work
  • In the final stage of Editing and Proofreading, before sending it to a Publisher.

Consulting Editorial Contracts

If you are an Author and you are about to sign a publishing contract, the MM Literary Agency will guide you in concluding the editorial contract.

It's not easy to get between clauses and micro clauses, find your way around a specific sector-specific vocabulary and get to know the editorial dynamics: especially if it's not your job.

  • For this reason, we are at your disposal to assist you in the examination of your publishing contract as an author, taking care of:
  • making comparisons with other similar contracts;
  • pointing out any clauses to keep you away from;
  • asking you to add any clauses in your favour.

Only through the professional consultancy service for publishing contracts provided by specialists in the sector will you be sure to sign a contract that is reliable and convenient for you.

Foreign Rights

  • The MM Literary Agency assists authors abroad by promoting their works to all interested publishers and finding a place in the international publishing market.

The service includes the representation of the Author abroad and consultancy in the negotiation and contracting of Copyright in the international market (Foreign Rights).


The MM Literary Agency offers the Editing service, an essential step for every Author before sending his manuscript to Publishing Houses:

In fact, presenting a correct, fluid, effective manuscript is the first feature to successfully pass the first screening.

Our Editing includes: 

  • Macroediting: it consists of an integral rereading of the manuscript with attention to the structural aspects (plot and sub-plot, definition of the characters, setting and development of the narrative);
  • The Microediting: consists of a further careful rereading with attention to the language, style, fluidity and rhythm of the sentences.

Editing is fundamental for Authors who wish to publish their manuscript.


The MM Literary Agency offers the Draft Correction service, essential before sending any manuscript to print.

If your manuscript has passed screening and a publisher has chosen to publish it, if you want to access our "Book on Demand" service, if you want to publish your e-book with us, if you have chosen our digital publishing service, then it is essential to reread the text to identify and correct it:

  • typos
  • inappropriate punctuation
  • interspaces not respected
  • grammatical inaccuracies.

Only after the proofreading service will your manuscript be ready for digital printing or publication.

Transcription of works

The MM Literary Agency offers the service of transcription of written works in paper (by hand, typewriter, etc.).

In this way it will be possible to transform a manuscript, unfortunately unusable for printing, into a computer document, ready to be modified and published.


The MM Literary Agency assists those who would like to write a book, but do not feel able to do so independently.

Through our Ghostwriting service we write works on behalf of third parties, it being understood that authorship and ownership of the rights of the text will be the property of the Principal.

Graphic realization of Cover

The MM Literary Agency creates the graphics for the cover of your book.

The service is appropriate for the Author who wants to use the self-publication service with the "Book on Demand" service or opt for the realization of an e-book or even choose the digital publication with our Publishing House.

Book on Demand

The MM Literary Agency offers the "publication on demand" service to all Authors who wish to print their own book independently, cutting the long waiting times foreseen by the traditional publishing circuit.

In the "Book on Demand" service the Author can create a book entirely as he likes: he chooses every typographic feature of the book (font, layout, cover, type of paper, thickness, etc.) and can associate it with an ISBN code (similarly to what happens in the professional publishing world).

The result is a 100% personalized professional printing service for those who want to have a “tailor-made” book.


MM Literary Agency produces E-Books professionally taking care of every aspect of the digital book: cover, graphics, layout, format compatibility with digital platforms and multimedia supports.

The creation of an E-Book allows the insertion in the main web platforms. 

Promotion for Works and Authors

The MM Literary Agency offers authors a promotional service tailored to the work and the Author.

This service includes both the real advertising promotion (on social media and not only) and the organization of presentations, readings and other specific events in the presence of the public.

Creation of Websites for Authors

The MM Literary Agency creates Websites for Authors, an excellent vehicle of communication and promotion especially for those who want to become a recognized and multi-published Author.

Investing in your image as an author is the first point from which to make yourself known to an online audience fond of reading and literature.

Our Agency believes that promoting your personal image through a professional website is important for all those who want to become a well-known name in the national publishing world.