About us

The MM Literary Agency is us:
Margherita and Michele.

Margherita before graduating started writing in the most different contexts:
from the university world, to the publishing world, to the business world.
Her true nature lies in her sensitivity and intuition towards books and those who write them.

Even Michele before graduating had already embarked on the path of the publishing world, which has always accompanied him along the long road of the managerial world. In all those years that have passed, his true nature has emerged: organizer, coordinator, attentive to the dynamics of contract negotiation at the base of the publishing world.

Margherita Lollini



Michele Serafini



"There is, there has been and always will be a group of individuals visited by inspiration.
They are all those who consciously choose a job and do it with passion and imagination"
(Wislawa Szymborska)